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1965 Vintage The Addams Family Milton Bradley Card Game - Complete

Perfect for game time or Halloween decor, a 1965 vintage The Addams Family Milton Bradley card game, complete in the box. This vintage card game features Gomez, Morticia, the children Wednesday and Pugsley, and Lurch and Uncle Fester six times in the wild, with each of the non-wild characters appearing on eleven (11) cards. Each card is a heavy stock, about 0.5mm thick. The back of the cards are finished with a sketch drawing of The Addams Family home, showing © 1965 Filmways..


24 Knickerbocker Miniature Leather Bound Shakespeare Books Set in Box

Published by the Knickerbocker Leather & Novelty Co., in the early 1900s, a wonderful antique set of 24 miniature leather bound books in a two-compartment box all containing a variety of condensed writings by Shakespeare.  Each book measures 3-1/4 inches high, 2-1/4 inches wide, and approx. 3/8 inches thick.  The boxed set is 7-3/8 wide, 5-3/8 deep, and 2-1/2 inches high. Titles included are: Anony and Cleopatra As You Like It Hamlet Julius Ca..


Beautiful Set of 10 Vintage Plastic White Lace Placemats

Finish your table in elegance with this beautiful set of 10 lace placemats, and look closely — they're plastic, so with this set you can do it without breaking the bank. At first (and second) glance I thought these place mats were cotton or linen lace; the store they were apparently purchased from carried linens from Brussels and Belgium (they'd have to be top quality, right?) (see photo). But then I started reading the "Proper Use" insert. The first sentence caught me by s..


Large 1950s Brayton Laguna Pottery Cat Figurine - Masked Siamese In Burnt Orange And Brown

From one of the more well-known California pottery companies of the mid-century era, this large Brayton Laguna Beach pottery figurine resembles a masked Siamese cat, finished in burnt orange and brown glaze. Note the cut-out eyes that, with the facial mask, almost gives the cat a piercing alien staring glare. A most unusual cat figurine that would be a delightful addition for any collection.Measures 8-1/2 inch high, to the tip of the ear, and 8-1/2 inch long, nose to tail. ..


Lefton Elephant Figurine with Raised Trunk H6980 - 1950s Vintage

Vintage tan Lefton elephant figurine with raised trunk dating to the 1950s, this figurine is marked H6980. Measures approx. 5 inch long, trunk to tail, and 3-1/2 inch high. In excellent vintage condition, with no nicks, chips, or cracks noted...


Unused 1950s All Wool Peach Bloom Whisper St Marys Blanket in Box - NOS

Keep yourself warm and enjoy years of luxurious comfort with this unused 1950s all virgin wool St Marys blanket, with labels intact and still in the box.  Made by St. Marys Blankets, of St. Marys, Ohio, their tag line was "Always a Pleasant Goodnight." The box indicates the style is Whisper and the color is Peach Bloom, a color that is ever-so-slightly deeper, richer in color than shown by the camera.  Size is shown as 72 inches wide by 90 inches long, both on the b..


Vintage Yuletide Santa Claus Cycle on 3-Wheel Motorcycle Friction Toy - Christmas - Never Opened

Likely from the 1970s, this friction toy features a rather sleek, slim Santa carrying a similar-sized yellow bag of goodies on a bright green three-wheeler cycle with red handles and wheels. Never removed from the blister pack, this Yuletide friction toy measures approx. 4 inch high and 4-1/4 inch front to back wheel. Made in Hong Kong for Yuletide Enterprises of New York...


2 Vitro Tiger Eye Type 1 Marbles - Tri-Color Patch and Ribbon

A pair of eye-catching beauties, here we have two Vitro Agate type 1 Tiger Eye marbles, with the typical clear base glass wrapped in a royal blue patch on the top, a white patch on the bottom, and a two-color orange/yellow ribbon around the middle. Size: 15 mm in diameter (just under 5/8 inches) Condition: Mint (-); under loupe inspection I find only the tiniest pinpricks on each...


Peltier Rainbo Sunset Marble in Orange and White

A lovely Peltier Sunset Rainbo, with its transparent base just sparkling with tiny bubbles and wrapped in white and orange ribbons. Measures 16mm (5/8 inch) in diameter, and is in near mint condition, with a couple of pinpoint nicks and a few tiny as-made dimples...


Blue Velvety Flocked Roses Tie Tie Vintage Gift Wrap Paper - 2 Sheets 20x26 - NOS

New old stock (NOS) unopened package of vintage Tie Tie gift wrap with a velvety flocked textured rose pattern design in a deep, rich blue. Sheets measure 20 inch x 26 inch. A most unusual vintage gift wrap, perfect for gift wrapping or even for the creative crafter. This is just one of three colors available in this 'Reigning Beauty' Tie Tie gift wrappings, likely dating to the 1960s. You can find others below. Be sure to also check out our other vintage gift wrap!..


10-Dime Vintage Fold Out Gibson 1950s Money Santa Christmas Card - Unused

An unused 10-dime Gibson money Christmas card featuring Santa and his reindeer of 1950s vintage. The front of the vintage card shows Santa and one of his reindeer at the doorway of a red country barn, all decked out for holiday travel. Santa's beard and the white fur trim of his suit are decorated with glistening mica glitter. At the front barn loft 'window' is the first dime insert; open the fold-out card to find a Christmas tree on the second panel, glistening with mica gli..


1880s Antique Quartered Block Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp

Antique glass kerosene oil lamp in the Quartered Block pattern dating to the 1880s, in a single-piece construction, finished off with a smooth, plain-top chimney. This lamp is shown on pg. 299 of Thuro's book on Oil Lamps.The kerosene lamp base has a footprint of 5-1/2" in diameter, an oil reservoir width of 6-1/2", and stands 6-3/4" high to the rim, approx. 10-1/4" high to the top of the burner. The chimney takes the lamp to its full 18-1/4" height. In excellent condi..


1950 Adams TRPQ Bucking Bronco Rawlins WYO Quart Dairy Milk Bottle

Fabulous 1950 TRPQ (tall round pyro quart) Adams milk bottle with red pyroglaze on both the front and back panels, with the front reading Use Adams Pasteurized Milk - Rawlins, Wyo.and the back showing a cowboy bronc rider on a Wyoming Let 'er Buck bucking bronco in red pyro silhouette above the "BUILDS 'EM HEALTHY" logo, in a wide, cupped formation. The embossed lettering and heelmark / heel code around the base of the bottle reads: One Quart Liquid - Registered Sealed 1-11-1..


1950s Hallmark Money Holder Santa Season's Greetings Card - Unused

A precious unused vintage Hallmark money holder greeting card featuring Santa sending Season's Greetings in the greenest of ways. Open the card to reveal our favorite home Christmas scene - a Christmas tree all decorated and watching over the packaged gifts, with the fireplace center an oval cutout to reveal the money gifted inside.Accompanied by its original envelope, this card measures 6-1/2" wide, 2-7/8" high, with the card back showing 10X 825-2, along with the Hal..


1950s Hard Plastic Knickerbocker Sister Rabbit Easter Bunny Rattle Toy

Preserved from the 1950s, here is an adorable hard plastic Knickerbocker female bunny rabbit baby's rattle toy, appropriately named Sister Rabbit. Standing 4-3/4" tal to the top of her upright ears, this rabbit holds a carrot between her hands and is dressed like a girl, wearing a blue pinafore dress with matching blue shoes. Marked on the back of her head: Knickerbocker - Plastic Co. - Glendale, Calif - Pat. Pend In excellent condition, with a nice healthy rattle and only sl..


1950s NIP Vintage Fine Muslin Pastel Stripe Pepperell Fitted Twin Sheet

For the individual with a small guest room that's needing a vintage touch, a 1950s fine muslin Pepperell fitted bottom sheet for a twin bed, in yellow, blue, pink and green pastel stripes.  This fitted sheet is still in and has never been removed from its original packaging. (About 1/3 of the side seam is open/unsealed.)The 1957 marketing insert states: ******Use-Tested by McCall'sIn McCall's test rooms our homemaking specialists have tested Pepperell slip-on sheets for ..


1960s Scranton Lace Cotton Chalet Full Posterbed Bed Spread

Fresh from the early 1960s, a fabulous, new old stock, never used, Scranton lace 100% cotton bedspread cover, a perfect finishing touch for a full size bed. The labeling states:Full bedspreadPoster BedChalet - 870797 in x 112 in.White1 BedspreadFab Trol Finish100% CottonMeasuring the bed cover from side to side / top edge to top edge, this measures 54" wide, with each drop measuring 21-1/2" long, for a total lace fabric width of 97". When I opened the box, this was folded nic..


1971 Box of 200 Vintage Doubl Glo 1-1/2" Hangers for Ornaments

Box of 200 Vintage Doubl Glo Hangers for ornaments, 1971. In excellent condition, box does not appear to have been opened (except by us). Hangers measure 1-1/2" long. ..


7-Pc Fenton Golden Marigold Butterfly and Fern Pitcher Tumbler Set

Beautiful seven-piece Fenton carnival glass water set consisting of a pitcher and six tumblers in Fenton's Butterfly & Fern pattern (pattern #910), in an iridescent marigold, Fenton's Golden. Also known as Butterfly and Plume, the pitcher has a crimped top and stands an impressive 9-1/2" high, with a base diameter of 6", while the tumblers measure 3-7/8" high, with a rim diameter of 3".Produced exclusively in the pitcher/tumbler water sets, this Butterfly & Fer..


Amethyst Moser Karlsbad Neoclassical Art Glass Compote Gold Gilt Frieze

Spectacular Moser Karlsbad art glass compote in a deep amethyst color, finished by a glorious gold gilt oroplastic acid cut-back classical frieze around the short, thick stem, around the base, and on the upper and lower surfaces of the rim (a technique that was patented by Moser in 1919). This lovely signed Moser compote stands 4-3/4" high, with a bowl rim that measures 6-1/4" in diameter.In fabulous condition, with some wear to the gilt trim, mostly noted around the b..


Consolidated Regent Dogwood Vase - Rainbow Art Glass

With a bit of an oriental flare, this lovely Consolidated Regent milk glass vase was finished by the Rainbow Art Glass Company in its hard-to-find ruby and gold Dogwood decoration. It's my understanding this vase shape, with its bulbous base and trumpet-flared neck and rim, is Consolidated #4038 from the Regent line. Vase measures approx. 9-3/4" high with a base diameter of 7" at the widest point and a top diameter of 4-5/8" on the gilt trim rim. In excellent condition w..


Cotton Vintage Swiss Rose Bouquet Embroidered Hanky Handkerchief - Switzerland

Vintage all cotton embroidered hanky featuring a pink trimmed scalloped edge and red and pink roses at each corner, with two corners finished with a single long-stem rose, the other two corners filled with a spanning bouquet.  Handkerchief is crisp, clean, and in well-preserved, excellent condition, measuring 10-5/8" square.  Retains a golden yellow oval label marked RN 14750 - All Cotton - Made in Switzerland...


Crystal Pleated Deco DeVilbiss Perfume Bottle - Flower Dauber

Lovely vintage DeVilbiss perfume bottle with a sleek pleated form, decorated with white and gold painted flowers on one side of the base and dauber. The crystal perfume bottle measures approx. 3-1/8" wide, 1" thick, and 2-3/8" to the base of the collar, with the long, thin tab dauber bringing the height to 5-3/8". In very good condition, with tiny nicks to the corners of the dauber top. Perfume bottle base is marked DeVilbiss - Made In USA...


Early Brush McCoy Pottery Garden Frog Planter

Offering a wonderful early Brush McCoy pottery garden frog planter, his body hand-painted in a soft green color that is accented with brown pattern stripes and big black eyes. Measuring approx. 6" long and 4-1/2" wide, there are no chips or cracks, although there is the typical crazing to his underside and a small paint scrape on his chin and one elbow. Unmarked (as I believe they all were), this little guy will make for a fabulous garden ornament! ..


Fucsia Velvety Flocked Roses Tie Tie Vintage Gift Wrap Paper - 2 Sheets 20x26 - NOS

New old stock (NOS) unopened package of vintage Tie Tie gift wrap with a velvety flocked textured rose pattern design in fuchsia purple. Sheets measure 20 inch x 26 inch. A most unusual vintage gift wrap, perfect for gift wrapping or even for the creative crafter.This is just one of three colors available in this 'Reigning Beauty' Tie Tie gift wrappings, likely dating to the 1960s. You can find others below. Be sure to also check out our other vintage gift wrap!..


Ginko Studios Pottery Nerikome Porcelain Tile Triangle Bowl 1990

A most unusual triangle-shaped pottery bowl with a fun array of colorful tile images impressed into the bowl's inner surface, this artistic piece of pottery was created by ceramicist Sunyong Chung of Ginko Studios in East Austin, Texas. Having what many have thought is a mid-century modern look, I was quite surprised to find a copyright date of 1990 on the underside of this exquisite piece. Certain to catch virtually any eye with its various inlaid porcelain tile images, thi..


Goebel 1978 Santa Claus First Edition Annual Christmas Ornament

Vintage 1978 Goebel Santa Claus Christmas ornament, this was the first edition of the annual ornament series. This ornament features a standing Santa, dressed in his red suit, black boots, and white gloves, holding what I speculate is his "naughty or nice" brown book list.Still in its original box, this ornament stands 4" tall and is marked with the Goebel bee mark and W. (West) Germany...


Hallmark Vintage Honeycomb Santa with Gifts Gift Trim and Tag - NOS

Adorable unused vintage Hallmark Santa honeycomb gift trim and tag set featuring jolly old St. Nick in his Santa suit and a red honeycomb belly, accompanied by a big gift box wrapped in embossed gold with red bow trim. The red and gold tag is the matching tag. The card instructions direct you to press out all pieces and pull the honeycomb over and lock with the package, with Tab A slipping into the honeycomb and Tab B slipping behind the trim. There is a strip of tape attache..


Hallmark Vintage Honeycomb Snowman in Top Hat Gift Trim and Tag - NOS

Fresh vintage Hallmark honeycomb gift trim and tag set featuring a snowman wearing a black top hat and a red tassel scarf, accompanied by a snow shovel tag. The card instructions direct you to press out all pieces and insert the scarf to hold the honeycomb. Use attached tape to apply trim to the package. While it's not readily detected in the photos, the perforation around the snow shovel shows a mirroring white shovel blade that folds to make the tag. (Given its age, the tap..


Helen Steiner Rice Inspirational Gibson Christmas Greeting Card - Unused Vintage

A beautiful vintage Christmas card, likely dating to the 1960s, featuring an inspirational verse by Helen Steiner Rice, framed in pinkish red poinsettia flowers and evergreen boughs, along with pink and golden curly cues. The card cover reads:Thinking of You At Christmas and Sending You A New Inspirational Verse byHelen Steiner RiceWhat more can we ask of the Savior Than to know we are never alone — that His mercy and love are unfailin..


Large 10" Amico Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister Cat Figurine

Introducing Amico, a large vintage Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister cat figurine who sits resting with front paws outstretched and a curious, alert tilt to the head. Amico's black and gold striped tail is curled at the side of his blue and black body. This porcelain figurine measures 10 inch long and 6-3/4 inch high. In excellent condition, with no nicks, chips or cracks, Amico would make for a delightful addition for any collector of cat figurines...


Large 1950s Vintage 10-Dime Money Christmas Tree Coin Holiday Card Unused

A precious 1950s vintage Hallmark holiday Christmas money greeting card with a slightly embossed, die cut Christmas tree design and 10 slots in the front cover to hold ten dimes. Rather large, this card is approx. 9" high and 6-1/2" wide. Santa stands next to the tree, while a ball, teddy bear, doll, and black cat sit under the tree, while the caption at the card top reads "A magic money tree for you". Open the unused card to find the inside greeting:'Money doesn't gro..


Large Heisey Puritan Horse Head Cigarette Box & Cover

Heisey produced its Puritan line from 1937 until 1957, with Puritan including a variety of smoking items. One such piece was this large 6-inch polished cigarette box with a lid sporting a handsome figural horse head finial.Listed in Bredehoft's Heisey Glass book as ware #1489-1/2, this cigarette box is in very fine condition, with a small chip on one side of the lid, a nick on the inside base, a couple of tiny encased air bubbles and a cooling line, and light wear. (The ..


Large Victorian Die Cut Scrap - Horse-Drawn Fire Brigade Wagon

A lovely (and large!) Victorian die cut scrap depicting a horse-drawn fire brigade wagon, with two harnessed horses pulling a four-man fire crew on a water wagon. The lettering on the side door is partially obscured by one of the front lanterns or lights, with only "Fire Brigade" fully visible. (I speculate the top word is to be Metropolitan.")Measuring 10-1/8" wide and 6" high, this one is large!As you can see, it was once mounted (as these typically were) in a ..


Made in Japan Vintage Lusterware Elephant Ashtray

Here's a vintage Japanese lusterware elephant ashtray that's so bright and cheery, you can't help but smile! Made in Japan, this wide-eyed elephant porcelain vintage ashtray is hand painted with a luster ware finish in bright colors of blue, orange, yellow and green. The semi-circle ashtray has a fluted outer edge, with a scalloped top edge at the front where a cigarette would rest.Measures 2-3/4 inch high, 3-5/8 inch wide, and 3 inch deep, with both a black stamped and incis..


Miniature Austria Disc Perfume Bottle with Filigree Trim

Offering a sweet mini perfume bottle made in Austria that is unlike most I've seen. Circa 1930, the front panel of this miniature Austrian bottle is shielded by a crisp white enamel plate that has a red lacy, snowflake- or starburst-type decorative pattern, with alternating spokes of finely painted flowers and ornamental buds. The bottle's back shows a bare pressed glass panel with a raised spirograph-type decoration. A gilt metal filigree frames the bottle edges, with a hear..