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Country Marigold Flower Square Rustic Punched Tin Cabinet Panel

Perfect for an old hoosier cabinet, jelly cupboard, pie safe, or for adding a creative touch to your rustic country decor, offered here is a square punched tin panel featuring a large marigold flower, with an outer petal design that resembles a sunflower or artichoke. If you're looking for truly vintage pie safe tin panels or tin for an old hoosier cabinet, jelly cupboard, or some other use in your rustic country kitchen decor, we've got a variety to choose from, all shown be..


Edme Samson Antique French Porcelain Chintz Bowl

A large antique hard paste porcelain bowl decorated with a hand-painted chintz pattern on a blue ground and finished with a gilt trim on all visible surfaces. The bowl shape and colors appear to be in a Chinese style. This bowl has the blue beehive mark (circa 1845-1905) of French manufacturer, Edme Samson & Co., known for the reproduction of ancient pieces typically found in private collections and museums. (Mark #3528 of Rontgen's Marks on German, Bohemia and Austrian ..


Gerold Porzellan Parakeets Figurine - Made in Western Germany

A lovely porcelain figurine from Gerold Porzellan featuring two pretty parakeets - one blue and one yellow - sitting on a split branch stump. Shimmering with a high gloss finish, each bird figure has been painted in soft, muted colors, with the base they're perched upon a mottled fern green over white.  The blue parakeet sits on the higher stump, towering over and gazing down on her yellow companion, whose tail hangs down to touch the rim of the base. Figurine me..


Green Vintage Mechanical Halloween Monster Candy Stick - Made in Hong Kong

Vintage Halloween candy stick with a green monster head attached to the candy stick top via a pair of connectors that extend out from the side of the monster's head, with hints of a rubber band in an arrangement that suggests once the rubber band is twisted, the head spins around. (Suddenly images from The Exorcist come to mind....)I can only speculate on the original arrangement since the rubber band is old and broken, making it impossible to confirm how the little plastic d..


Hand-Painted Milk Glass Lamp Light Shade Globe - Embossed Flowers

A charming milk glass lamp or light shade in somewhat of a gourd shape, the larger rounded base embossed with three panels of flowers, hand painted in blues, maroon, and pink. The smaller rounded portion near the top is finished with a touch of blush pink in air-brushed fashion, with a hint of color around the lower rim as well. Standing 5" high, the lower rim is 3-1/4" in diameter, approximately 1" narrower than the widest point, while the upper fitter diameter is ap..


Japanese Dragon Oriental Cloisonne & Pigeon Blood Foil Jar + Lid

A fabulous footed antique Japanese cloisonne jar with a three-clawed dragon encircling the jar's body. The dragon's long serpent-shaped body is composed of a deep green cloisonne that is brought to life with gold or copper flecks, while the dragon belly is a contrasting white. Deep blue pointed fins add a spirited touch to his rolling topside as well as the tail that stretches back and around, near the return to his ominous open jaw.Cobalt blue clouds float amidst the tr..


Murano Refractive Cyclone Art Glass Paperweight

This vintage art glass paperweight inspires thoughts of a spiraling storm with the storm's eye hovering overhead — a large, single controlled clear bubble floating at the center of a cloud of blue. Circling the outer perimeter of the paperweight sides is a reddish brown coil, the reflection of which can be seen in the refractive properties of the bubble. Measures approx. 3" in diameter and 2-3/4" high. In excellent condition, with no nicks or scratches noted, just the typical..


Old Cloisonne Dragon Salt/Pepper Shaker

A wonderful older cloisonne shaker (salt or pepper) decorated with a Chinese dragon that wraps around the sides. This shaker stands approx. 2-1/4" high on three peg feet and has a base diameter of approx. 1-1/2". There is a "soft" dent in the shaker lid that I speculate could be smoothed out a bit, if not entirely, and a small enamel chip in the black cloud ground, above and between the dragon's initial curve. The lid threads off and on without difficulty...


Old Corn Pudding Yellowware (Yellow Ware) Mold

Sturdy as stoneware, this lovely old yellowware (yellow ware) mold is perfect for decorative purposes or can serve a functional role on those occasions when you're wanting to be creative with food presentation. The oval yelloware mold has an impressed ear of corn in the base and scalloped edging or sides. The mold measures 6-3/4" long, 5-1/2" wide, by 3 3/4", and 3-1/8" high/deep. Despite its compact size, this fabulous piece weighs close to 2 lbs! Condition is near to t..


Pair of 1960s Lefton Old Couple Bisque Wall Plaques

Lefton man and woman old couple bisque wall plaques with warm facial features and gentle eyes, dating to the late 1960s. (I am told these wall plaques appear in a 1969 Lefton catalog as the Old Couple.)Both the man and woman have strong, pronounced features, with rosy cheeks. He wears a short, floppy rimmed hat with a feather tucked into one side, while she wears a lavender-colored scarf, tied under her chin.Each plaque is hand-painted bisque, measuring approx. 5..


Pair of Hand Blown Art Glass Pedestal Jozefina Tazzas - Krosno Poland

A beautiful pair of footed hand blown art glass tazzas or shallow compotes, the creative work of Jozefina of Krosno, Poland, designed with an oxblood center in a clear casing of glass. The open shallow bowl has a smoky marbled underside and is resting on a twisted trio of branch-like fingers with oxblood coursing through like veins and spiraling around the round base.Hand made, these compotes vary slightly in the spiral and branch pattern, as well as height. Standing ..


Romantic Green Jasperware Plaque - Germany

Captivating jasperware wall plaque, with a green matte ground telling the story of young yet everlasting love through its white bas relief images. This lovely peek at romance is likely the work of either Schafer & Vater, Volkstedt, or Rudolstadt.Sitting on an open armchair we see an elderly man, walking cane at hand, while at his side stands a young maiden, her long hair blowing in the wind. Both dressed in Renaissance/Baroque fashion, the symbolism in this scene ..


Santa and Mrs. Claus Bradford's Unbreakable Christmas Decorations

Wooden vintage Bradford's Santa and Mrs. Claus Christmas unbreakable decorations, still in their original, unopened packages, made in Taiwan for Bradford Novelty Co. Santa holds a bottle brush-type Christmas wreath, and has pipe cleaner trim around his hat and jacket, while Mrs. Claus appears to be in domestic mode, with a broom and tulip-decorated painted apron.Both holiday decorative figures are made of wood and stand approx. 3-1/2 inch high. Each package is marked Item..


Spiral Blue Art Glass Paperweight - Signed

Hypnotize yourself or others with this awesome spiral art glass paperweight, with an inner dome of royal blue speckled with a touch of white and a milky blue spiral twist that goes up and round, dropping into the top center to a controlled bubble finish. In excellent condition, this paperweight is signed Fernandez GV 81, likely the 1981 work of an art glass artisan unknown to me. Has a smooth and polished inset pontil mark. Paperweight measures 2-1/2" high and 2-3/4" in diame..


Vintage Tlingit Native American Raven Fog Woman Sterling Silver Cuff Bracelet

A vintage Tlingit sterling silver cuff bracelet depicting Fog Woman from the  tribe tale of Raven and Fog Woman. This bracelet was designed by Aleasa James who, according to the Metal Arts Group, is a "young Native American artist who developed her artistic style while living in Southeastern Alaska studying under Tlingit carver Gerald T. James of Auk Bay, and Tsimshian artist/carver Eli F. Milton of Metlakatla." This Tlingit Native American bracelet measures 1-1/8 ..


Large 1950s Brayton Laguna Pottery Cat Figurine - Masked Siamese In Burnt Orange And Brown

From one of the more well-known California pottery companies of the mid-century era, this large Brayton Laguna Beach pottery figurine resembles a masked Siamese cat, finished in burnt orange and brown glaze. Note the cut-out eyes that, with the facial mask, almost gives the cat a piercing alien staring glare. A most unusual cat figurine that would be a delightful addition for any collection.Measures 8-1/2 inch high, to the tip of the ear, and 8-1/2 inch long, nose to tail. ..


Lefton Elephant Figurine with Raised Trunk H6980 - 1950s Vintage

Vintage tan Lefton elephant figurine with raised trunk dating to the 1950s, this figurine is marked H6980. Measures approx. 5 inch long, trunk to tail, and 3-1/2 inch high. In excellent vintage condition, with no nicks, chips, or cracks noted...


Pair of Asian Tokanabe Ware Black Textured Oriental Pagoda Pottery Wall Pockets

Made in Japan with an Oriental pagoda motif, this vintage pair of Tokanabe Ware pottery wall pockets has a bold, classic black background, trimmed with Chinese red and gold, with the trees on one of the wall pockets finished in green.Tokanabe Ware was typically black with a stippled texture and hand-painted raised relief designs. Made in Japan for the US market in the 1920s and 1930s, Tokanabe wares were stamped Nippon until 1921, at which time legislation was changed..


Pair of Vintage Mexican Folk Art Stoneware Pottery Cat Figurines

Two vintage Mexican stoneware pottery folk art cat figurines, hand painted and signed by the artists, Mostado and Tostado. One cat is sitting with a sideways glance and its tail curled at its side, while the second cat has its tail raised to the roof, looking either playful or as if its preparing to raise a stink. The sitting cat stands 5-1/8 inches high; the more pretentious cat stands approx. 5-1/2 inches high. Both are in excellent condition, with no nicks, chips, or crack..


Set of 6 Vintage Wicker Cup Holders

Set of six vintage wicker cup holders, measuring approx. 3 inch across the outer edge of the rim, with an inside measurement of 2-1/2 inch across and 2-7/8 inch high. The open vertical wicker ribs are slightly tapered inward toward the base, measuring 2-1/2 inch across the underside. Paper labels indicate these were made in Hong Kong. All in excellent condition, appearing to have never been used. ..


Vintage Yuletide Santa Claus Cycle on 3-Wheel Motorcycle Friction Toy - Christmas - Never Opened

Likely from the 1970s, this friction toy features a rather sleek, slim Santa carrying a similar-sized yellow bag of goodies on a bright green three-wheeler cycle with red handles and wheels. Never removed from the blister pack, this Yuletide friction toy measures approx. 4 inch high and 4-1/4 inch front to back wheel. Made in Hong Kong for Yuletide Enterprises of New York...


Warner Sallman 1941 Christ in Gethsemane Jesus Praying Litho Print Wall Hanging

Christ in Gethsemane Warner Sallman lithograph print wall hanging, lacquered or decoupaged on wood, with artist signature 'Warner Sallman 1941' and '© 1942 by Kriebel & Bates.' Measures 14-1/4 inch by 11-1/2 inch by 3/8 inch. There's a well-defined, straight line running from side to side across the back, and it appears the back was finished using two pieces of veneer. As such, the line is not visible on the front. Given the weight and overall appearance of this wall ..


Peltier Rainbo Sunset Marble in Orange and White

A lovely Peltier Sunset Rainbo, with its transparent base just sparkling with tiny bubbles and wrapped in white and orange ribbons. Measures 16mm (5/8 inch) in diameter, and is in near mint condition, with a couple of pinpoint nicks and a few tiny as-made dimples...


10-Dime Vintage Fold Out Gibson 1950s Money Santa Christmas Card - Unused

An unused 10-dime Gibson money Christmas card featuring Santa and his reindeer of 1950s vintage. The front of the vintage card shows Santa and one of his reindeer at the doorway of a red country barn, all decked out for holiday travel. Santa's beard and the white fur trim of his suit are decorated with glistening mica glitter. At the front barn loft 'window' is the first dime insert; open the fold-out card to find a Christmas tree on the second panel, glistening with mica gli..


10k Antique Gold Hat Pin / Stick Pin with Braid-Trimmed Crown Bud Top

This sweet antique hat pin has a 10k yellow gold pin top that resembles a pineapple or artichoke bud and has a Polynesian feel. Some may find it reminiscent of a Byzantine crown. The sides of the stick pin head are trimmed with braids that look like wheat heads, giving this simple yet elegant stick pin a most unusual look. A fabulously unique piece for the antique jewelry or stickpin collector.End to end, this pin measures 4-3/4" long, with a steel stick pin and a pin head th..


1850s Antique Charles Meigh Brown Transferware Jenny Lind Cabinet Plate

Offering an antique brown transferware Charles Meigh cabinet plate in the Jenny Lind pattern and dating to the 1850s. Plate is in very good condition, commensurate with age, with crazing but no chips or cracks; one edge transfer rub (under glaze, as made); and a visible seam in the transfer pattern, again as made. Measures 10" in diameter. Marked 1 Jenny Lind - C M & S - England...


1880s Antique Quartered Block Glass Kerosene Oil Lamp

Antique glass kerosene oil lamp in the Quartered Block pattern dating to the 1880s, in a single-piece construction, finished off with a smooth, plain-top chimney. This lamp is shown on pg. 299 of Thuro's book on Oil Lamps.The kerosene lamp base has a footprint of 5-1/2" in diameter, an oil reservoir width of 6-1/2", and stands 6-3/4" high to the rim, approx. 10-1/4" high to the top of the burner. The chimney takes the lamp to its full 18-1/4" height. In excellent condi..


1880s Gorham Aesthetic Silver Salt Pepper Shaker Set

A lovely pair of antique Gorham salt and pepper shakers, the base wrapped in an intricate four-panel aesthetic band, trimmed by a row of thin beads and a smooth band. The straight-sided, cylindrical form is simple and sleek at the center, bearing no monogram. Near the top, at the base of the lift-off lid, is another band that, at first glance, appears to be swastikas but is actually a patchwork of offset Ts, their bases all pointing inward. The final touch of elegance is foun..


1930s Wedgwood Green Transferware Fallow Deer

A hard-to-find and absolutely gorgeous Wedgwood transferware plate featuring the Fallow Deer pattern in green. Measuring 10" in diameter, this plate is in near excellent condition, with no nicks, chips, or cracks noted, and about 99% of the transfer still strong and intact! Marked "Fallow Deer / Wedgwood / Etruria England," with impressed "Wedgwood" and "Made In England" marks, as well as the dating code. Please note that I have multiple plates available. ..


1950 Adams TRPQ Bucking Bronco Rawlins WYO Quart Dairy Milk Bottle

Fabulous 1950 TRPQ (tall round pyro quart) Adams milk bottle with red pyroglaze on both the front and back panels, with the front reading Use Adams Pasteurized Milk - Rawlins, Wyo.and the back showing a cowboy bronc rider on a Wyoming Let 'er Buck bucking bronco in red pyro silhouette above the "BUILDS 'EM HEALTHY" logo, in a wide, cupped formation. The embossed lettering and heelmark / heel code around the base of the bottle reads: One Quart Liquid - Registered Sealed 1-11-1..


1950s Hallmark Money Holder Santa Season's Greetings Card - Unused

A precious unused vintage Hallmark money holder greeting card featuring Santa sending Season's Greetings in the greenest of ways. Open the card to reveal our favorite home Christmas scene - a Christmas tree all decorated and watching over the packaged gifts, with the fireplace center an oval cutout to reveal the money gifted inside.Accompanied by its original envelope, this card measures 6-1/2" wide, 2-7/8" high, with the card back showing 10X 825-2, along with the Hal..


1950s Hard Plastic Knickerbocker Sister Rabbit Easter Bunny Rattle Toy

Preserved from the 1950s, here is an adorable hard plastic Knickerbocker female bunny rabbit baby's rattle toy, appropriately named Sister Rabbit. Standing 4-3/4" tal to the top of her upright ears, this rabbit holds a carrot between her hands and is dressed like a girl, wearing a blue pinafore dress with matching blue shoes. Marked on the back of her head: Knickerbocker - Plastic Co. - Glendale, Calif - Pat. Pend In excellent condition, with a nice healthy rattle and only sl..


1950s Retro Jolly Chef Cooking Spoon Holder - Reliance Plastic

Rather jolly indeed, here we have a fabulous vintage 1950s pink Jolly Chef cooking spoon holder, appearing to have never been used, as it still has its advertising label on the one side. Made by the Reliance Plastics Co. of heat resistant styrene, this kitchen spoon holder will not only help to keep the stove top clean, it could also be used as an attractive vintage wall plaque. Measures 6-1/2" tall and 5" wide. Over the years, this Jolly Chef has lost a bit of the coloring o..


1950s Vintage Car Blueprint Gift Wrapping Paper for Husband Dad or Man

I've seen a lot of vintage gift wrap paper with a masculine design meant for that special man, but I must say I've never seen wrapping paper quite like this! I wish I could say I had more to offer of this vintage car blueprint style wrapping paper, but alas, this one sheet is all I have. All four edges are a bit rough, with one end of the paper discolored from a water stain. But the usable portion measures approx. 24 inch long and 15 inch wide, and includes unmarred depiction..


1953 Welly 9012 Chevrolet Bel Air Diecast Toy Model Car

A great vintage Welly 1953 Chevrolet Bel Air diecast toy model car, 1:43 scale. Measuring 5 inch long bumper to bumper, this Chevy model car has a die cast body, opening doors and hood, a detailed interior, and rubber tires. Marked Welly No. 9012. In excellent condition. No box...


1960s Scranton Lace Cotton Chalet Full Posterbed Bed Spread

Fresh from the early 1960s, a fabulous, new old stock, never used, Scranton lace 100% cotton bedspread cover, a perfect finishing touch for a full size bed. The labeling states:Full bedspreadPoster BedChalet - 870797 in x 112 in.White1 BedspreadFab Trol Finish100% CottonMeasuring the bed cover from side to side / top edge to top edge, this measures 54" wide, with each drop measuring 21-1/2" long, for a total lace fabric width of 97". When I opened the box, this was folded nic..