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Miniature Vintage Russian Lacquer Box Firebird - Lucy Maxym Collection

SOLD! Miniature Vintage Russian Lacquer Box Firebird - Lucy Maxym Collection

A super sweet, square miniature Russian lacquer box exquisitely decorated with a hand-painted image of a firebird, standing tall and stately with outspread wings and what appears to be a ring of fire halo around his head, or possibly a dark silhouette of the sun. The certificate that accompanies the box states: "This article has been painted in Russia exclusively for The Lucy Maxym Collection. It is guaranteed to be Genuine Russian Lacquer," going on to list the artist as Domanin and confirming the subject is Fire Bird.

This papier mâché box measures approx. 2-1/8 inch square and 1-1/8 inch high, with the exterior and interior painted in a rich red color. The markings at the base of the lid appear to indicate this was painted in 1991.

Both the exterior and interior are in excellent condition, with no notably wear and no chips, cracks, crazing, marks, or scratches noted. Originally purchased in September 1995 through Halls Kansas City for $350, and accompanied by its original receipt, certificate, and cotton-lined box.

For those who enjoy fairy tales, here is the story of "Ivan Tsarevich, the Firebird and the Grey Wolf," which likely served as the inspiration for this sweet Russian lacquer box, or I would encourage you to just stroll through the site itself for a look at the painstaking manner in which these lacquer boxes are made or more fascinating background information:


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