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Pair of c 1900 Tressemann Vogt Limoges Fish in Net Cabinet Plate

SOLD! Pair of c 1900 Tressemann Vogt Limoges Fish in Net Cabinet Plate

A fabulous pair of Limoges cabinet plates by Tressemann & Vogt (also frequently referenced as Tressemanes & Vogt), each depicting a pair of fish in a net. Wonderful display plates, these have a creamy ivory backdrop for slightly different hand-decorated images of two fish swimming beyond a golden fishnet, with underwater foliage and seaweed enhancing the view. The plate rims and fish are gilt trimmed, with each plate draped with a gold net.

Not quite round yet not quite square, these plates measure 8-3/4" in diameter, with four rounded sides joined by four soft corners. These plates are marked with a very faint overglaze red Tressemann & Vogt TV bell mark, accompanied by a Lovington Bros. Retailers mark, dating them to around the early 1900s (c.1892 to 1907). Both are in excellent condition, with great appeal and minimal wear, and only one small nick to the underside/foot of one plate.

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  • Brand: Limoges
  • Product Code: 01757
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  • $98.00
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