Watches and Pocket Watches

Whether they're for ladies or men, antique and vintage watches and pocket watches have always held a special place in my heart. In extra ways, they speak of a time we strive to keep alive and marching on. Here are the old yet still wonderful time pieces I have to offer.

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14K Ladies Antique Waltham Pocket Watch Hunter Case - 8 Size

Antique pocket watches have always held a bit of magic for me, especially when - like this ladies Waltham 14K hunter pocket watch - they're engraved. December 2, 1883 to Nellie ... Given the etch engraved church-like imagery on the back cover, this was likely a wedding gift from and to a very special someone, their bond as solid as 14k gold. But who they really were to each other or what their story was, only the watch now knows.  This American Waltham Watch Co..


1984 Olympics 14k Longines Gold Pocket Watch - Limited Edition

Commemorating and distributed for the 1984 Olympics in exquisite quality and style, a limited edition 14k gold Longines pocket watch with a diamond encrusted USA five interlocking rings Olympics logo. At the base of the logo is a pair of overlapping olive branches. Around the logo it reads 1984 Games of the XXIII Olympiad Los Angeles in raised lettering. This pocket watch is 470 of a limited edition of 1000 produced. Measures 46mm wide, with the Mineron crystal watch face/dia..


Antique Elgin Pocket Watch 14k Multi Color Diamond Double Hunter Case 17J 16S

Stunning 1914 antique 14k multi-color Elgin hunter case pocket watch featuring four gold colors - yellow, rose, green and white - and a diamond accented flower. The pocket watch hunting case is elegantly embossed and etched with a matching oval frame on both sides featuring an arrangement of three flowers at the top and a fancy flourish embellishment at the base. The front cover is decorated with a floral wreath around a smooth polish shield bearing no monogram or other marki..


1927 Vintage Bulova Mens Watch Franklin Art Deco Radium Dial 14k WGF 15J

1927 vintage Bulova men's watch in the stylish Franklin art deco model, the square 14k white gold fill case handsomely engraved and inlaid with black enamel Greek key decorations at the corners. This manual wind mechanical watch features a radium dial and what appears to be Fuseaux hour and minute hands, both finished in a creamy white radioluminescent paint / enameling that accents both the hands and hour markers. A square second dial occupies the six o'clock position. This ..