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Vintage Pink Royal Rose Bath Towel Set - 4-Pc Set

New SOLD! Vintage Pink Royal Rose Bath Towel Set - 4-Pc Set

A vintage four-piece NOS floral bath towel set featuring pink roses, consisting of two wash cloths, one hand towel, and one bath towel, all appearing to be unused, with Royal Rose (from Japan) labels. Likely from the 1960s or 1970s, these are 100% cotton.

Each wash cloth measures approx. 12" square, the hand towels measure approx. 26" long and approx. 16" wide, and the bath towel measures approx. 41" long  and 23" wide.  

These are unused, and while my original intent was to leave them all in unwashed condition, I noticed a few small (yes, small) stains on the bath towel, so washed it alone.  Some but not all of them lifted, but may well lift away with some gentle stain treatment.  There also is a pull in the roses at one end of the towel, as shown. I have priced this set to reflect these imperfections.  The only other condition issue I noted is what looks to be a pull in one of the wash cloths.  

This is just one listing of many unused vintage bath towels I acquired through an estate where the original owner (someone who lived through the Depression) apparently loved to stock up. 

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  • Brand: Royal Rose
  • Product Code: 03470
  • Availability: SOLD!
  • $26.00
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