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Chenille Santa Christmas Boot Candy Container

Almost perfectly preserved and downright adorable, this old Christmas candy boot appears to be made of a thin cardboard, painted white, and then coated in a tiny white popcorn beading with gold glitter accents. Riding on the front of the Christmas boot is a red chenille Santa, with a sprig of holly to add a touch of green. At the top of the boot is a loop satin thread trim with a white netting to allow the boot to be filled beyond the brim, with candy and other goodies kept s..


3 Vintage Drummer Boy Ornaments Chenille Tinsel Flocked Paper - Japan

Beyond precious, a lot of 3 vintage drummer boy ornaments made in Japan. Likely dating to the 1950s, these ornaments are made with gold foil paper drums wrapped in velvet flocked paper (white paper with red flocked stripes) and sprinkled with mica or tiny glitter on the top and underside. Each drummer boy has chenille pipe cleaner arms and wears a felt hat that is topped with a tinsel plume.The drum is 1-3/4 inch in diameter and the ornament stands approx. 4 inch high to..


4 Vintage Pixie Elf Knee Hugger Christmas Ornaments - Made in Japan

A lot of 4 vintage knee hugger pixie elf Christmas ornaments made in Japan. Two of the knee-hugging elves wear red and white striped felt clothes and hat with green trim, while the other two smaller pixie elves are dressed in red with white felt.  All four have hard plastic heads.The larger pixie ornaments are approx. 5-1/2 inch long, including their cap, with each having a blue and white Made in Japan label on the back. The other two pixies are approx. 4 inch long ..


4 Vintage Red Flocked Reindeer Ornaments Glitter Antlers - Japan

A lot of 4 vintage red flocked reindeer Christmas tree ornaments with silver glitter antlers and tails. Made in Japan, these ornaments likely date to the 1950s.  Standing approx. 3 inch high, each ornament is in good condition with minor rubs in the flocking but no significant wear or damage.  All have a silver Japan label on the underside. ..


6 Vintage Honeycomb Paper Santa Christmas Ornaments - Made in Japan

A lot of 6 mid-century vintage honeycomb paper Santa Christmas ornaments made in Japan, with black paper eyes and red bead-like nose or mouth, these are finished with glitter around the hat brim and rounded belly. The front of his "coat" is accented with gold and black paper to resemble a belt buckle.Standing 3-3/8 inch high, all are in good condition, with some crinkles in the paper edges, but nothing too extreme. One of the ornaments still retains its original red and gold ..


Green Glass Violin Bottle with Musical Notes - LV Viobot Made In Japan

To the average person, it looks like a green glass violin bottle with embossed musical notes, but seasoned collectors will recognize this is a more challenging LV viobot to acquire. With a curved measure of music notes near the shoulders, across the back, the determining element — an embossed JAPAN on the underside — confirms this bottle is of the uncommon type, harder to find. Research suggests these were made in the 1980s, although given the Japan manufacture, I would have ..


Made in Japan Vintage Lusterware Elephant Ashtray

Here's a vintage Japanese lusterware elephant ashtray that's so bright and cheery, you can't help but smile! Made in Japan, this wide-eyed elephant porcelain vintage ashtray is hand painted with a luster ware finish in bright colors of blue, orange, yellow and green. The semi-circle ashtray has a fluted outer edge, with a scalloped top edge at the front where a cigarette would rest.Measures 2-3/4 inch high, 3-5/8 inch wide, and 3 inch deep, with both a black stamped and incis..


Pair of Long Candy Cane Stripe Vintage Santa Pencils Made in Japan

A pair of long candy cane stripe vintage Santa pencils made in Japan, with hard rubber plastic Santa heads with felt hats and fuzzy beards with dangling bells topping the long red and white striped pencils. The back of each hat has a red and white Japan label.Measuring 14 inch long from the top of the head (not including the extended hat), these pencils appear to have not yet been used...


Vintage Japan Foil Christmas Garland - Lot of 3 Round Collapsible Expanding

A lot of 3 round collapsible vintage foil Christmas garland strands made in Japan, each expanding to about 6 feet in length. When collapsed flat, they measure approx. 4-3/4 inch in diameter. Two of the strands are in a variety of colors — red, green, blue, pink/fuchsia, yellow/gold — while the third strand is done in red and green throughout. The underside of all three strands is in silver and gold.All are in good condition, with no tears noted, although the end pieces show t..