Vintage Handkerchiefs

Vintage handkerchiefs .... They're more than just an accessory to wipe hands, face or nose. Hankies provide ladies a year-round and endless decorative bouquet often wrapped in lace trim or scalloped or hand rolled edges. Collect handkerchiefs and you're also collecting memories of people, places and special moments in life. And one of the best features of a hanky collection ... they're small, lightweight and fit easily in any drawer!

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Dogwood Flowers on Blue Vintage Hanky Handkerchief

A beautiful blue handkerchief that is decorated corner to corner with large white dogwood flowers, their rich brown stems and green leaves adding depth to the hanky's appeal. Finished with a white machine stitched hem, this hanky measures 13" x 13-1/4". There is a small shallow section of slight discoloration (about 1/2" long) at the hem near one corner, so subtle you're not likely to notice it unless you're looking for it. Appearing near new, there is no label to indicate fa..