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Vintage Ornate Chinese Red Lacquer Jewelry Box with Six Lidded Compartments, Five Drawers and Fold Out Mirror

SOLD! Vintage Ornate Chinese Red Lacquer Jewelry Box with Six Lidded Compartments, Five Drawers and Fold Out Mirror

Fabulous (and large!) vintage Chinese red lacquer jewelry box / Oriental jewelry armoire with six lidded compartments, five drawers, a fold out mirror, and brass hardware. 

Unlatch and lift the lid to reveal a fold out mirror in the lid and six top facing lidded compartments in four different sizes.  Unlatch the front and open the swing out side-by-side compartments to find two small hidden pull-out drawers at the bottom of each and three front-facing pull-out drawers in the box body for storing and organizing more of your trinkets and treasures. 

The box top and front panels are finished with raised ornate multi-color prints featuring phoenix birds in a flower garden that appears to be chrysanthemum. The other portion of the box lid is finished in a gold and silver white bud square or rice grain Oriental motif diaper pattern.  The outer sides of the lid are finished with gold painted scrolls, while the box body is again delighting the eye with birds in flight over flowers. Finally, the base is wrapped in a painted thundercloud motif.

This lacquered jewelry box / armoire measures 12 inch deep from the front to the back, 7-5/8 inch high and 9 inch wide at the base. It is in overall great condition, with a few surface scratches or lacquer cracks, but nothing that greatly deters from its visual appeal. The mirror is clear without damage, only a couple of tiny persistent smudges that aren't generally noticed and I speculate should lift off with the right cleaner. The mirror's top left side peg fitting into a round cutout on in the inside and the right peg sliding in an open channel on the right.

Top compartments vary in size from approx. 4-3/8 inch long, 2 inch wide and 1-3/8 inch deep to the full-wide 7-3/4 inch long, 2-1/4 wide, while the front pull-out drawers are more shallow at 3-1/8 inch wide, 6-1/2 long and 15/16 deep, and the 2-1/2 x 2-7/8 in the swing-out front. The bottom drawer compartment measures 6-1/2 inch wide, 10 inch long and 15/16 inch deep.

Prepacked weight is just shy of 9 lbs.

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