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7216 Ekco Glass Pitcher Mixing Bowl with A&J Egg Beater Mixer

SOLD! 7216 Ekco Glass Pitcher Mixing Bowl with A&J Egg Beater Mixer

Vintage depression glass Ekco pitcher-style mixing bowl with A&J mixer and metal splash guard lid, topped with a red painted wooden handle. This hand-crank beater is great for mixing up the morning pancake batter, use as an egg beater to scramble eggs, whip up some egg whites, or whisk the cream for dessert.

The ribbed glass pitcher has a capacity of 4 cups and measures 6 inches high to the top of the pour spout and 7 inches wide, handle to spout. Underside of the pitcher is marked Made in United States of America / a diamond-shaped logo / Number 7216 / Ecko Chicago, while the beater is marked Made in US America, with the A&J diamond logo, and a 1923 patent date.

No nicks or chips in the glass, just a couple of surface scratches and cooling marks. The beater is in very good mechanical condition, with age-appropriate oxidation. The collar to the handle (metal wrap that attaches the wooden portion to the base) is secure, but there is a bit of play/wobble when tapped. (You may want to use vice grips or something to tighten it a bit more, but there doesn't appear to be any risk of the wooden portion lifting out as is.)

A perfect complement to the country hoosier cabinet decor.

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