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Unused 1950s All Wool Peach Bloom Whisper St Marys Blanket in Box - NOS

SOLD! Unused 1950s All Wool Peach Bloom Whisper St Marys Blanket in Box - NOS

Keep yourself warm and enjoy years of luxurious comfort with this unused 1950s all virgin wool St Marys blanket, with labels intact and still in the box.  Made by St. Marys Blankets, of St. Marys, Ohio, their tag line was "Always a Pleasant Goodnight."

The box indicates the style is Whisper and the color is Peach Bloom, a color that is ever-so-slightly deeper, richer in color than shown by the camera.  Size is shown as 72 inches wide by 90 inches long, both on the box as well as the diamond-shaped label loosely stitched to the blanket.  The binding is 1-3/8 inches wide and made of all rayon acetate.  I speculate this blanket has never been unfolded or outside of the box.  (I couldn't bring myself to risk unfolding it and then returning it to the box in a less-than-crisply folded state, but did inspect all exposed edges, top, bottom and ends and found no issues.)

Based on the care instructions and images, I believe this blanket dates to the early 1950s, possibly late 1940s.   Care instruction foldout reads as follows:

* * * * *

So soft and fluffy ... keep it that way!

The St. Marys Blanket you have just purchased is one of the loveliest things you can have in your home. A treasure in wool — choice all virgin wool — spun and napped cloud-soft, uniformly woven by skilled craftsmen, exquisitely made and finished in every detail. Yes, so lovely, so precious that it deserves the best of care — in washing, in storing, in everyday use. And that's the reason for this helpful folder. Read it and resolve "Nothing must ever harm my beautiful St. Marys Blankets." Give them proper care and they will give you many, many years of luxurious comfort and enjoyment.

(Inside panel)

The Number 1 Beauty Treatment — Washing your precious all-wool blankets — Use mild soap flakes

Dissolve soap thoroughly before immersing blanket — Use warm (never hot) water ... never warmer than your elbow can stand.

Most important of all — watch the clock! two one-minute washings only. First, mix soap thoroughly and whisk up rich suds by running washer a minute. Then place blanket in machine and run one minute only. Stop machine, raise entire blanket and place in different position — then run machine one more minute. That's all — just two one-minute washings, timed by the clock!

An absolute "must" — Accurate timing in the machine is vital. All-wool blankets require short, gentle washing.  Undue friction (rubbing or twisting) will cause shrinkage of any wool fabric. Water that is too warm will have the same result. Proper washing is a "must" to keep your blankets full size, soft and fluffy.

Caution: float your blanket!  If you use a cylinder washer (or any other type) always have enough water in it to allow the blanket to float. If the cylinder makes over nine revolutions a minute, do not use it for washing blankets. If washing by hand, squeeze the sudsy water through them. Never wash more than one blanket at a time.

Rules for rinsing — After washing, squeeze the water from the blanket, but do not twist it. Then rise thoroughly twice in soft water of the same temperature as for washing. If rinsing in a machine, give blanket two one-minute rinsings only. Better still, rinse it by hand, squeezing out the water gently and be sure to remove all the soap.

Shapely drying — after rinsing, let blanket drip well before hanging it up to dry. Hang it over line as illustrated and pull gently into shape. When partly dry, reverse it on the line. When dry ... Whisk up the nap. Brush with a clean whisk broom in one direction only, with the nap, toward the binding.

* * * * *

The inside of the folder gives further instructions on:

The finishing touch — how to clean and press the bindings

How to store your blankets and add many years to their life

Brush your blankets / keep the nap raised

Daily care — how to protect blankets on your bed

Rebind your blankets if necessary

and finally some instructions on what to do if you send your blankets to the laundry (Look for the American Institute of Laundering), always look for this distinguished label, and then closing with some important don'ts.

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