Terms & Conditions

The fine print is never fun... for anyone.  So, we'll just keep this short.

The content found here at Flashback Alley's website is intended for shoppers' viewing and informational purposes, not for others to copy and use.  The copyright found at the bottom of each page attests to that limitation.

In creating a login account on Flashback Alley, you are certifying that the personal information you have provided is truthful and accurate, and yours and yours alone.

When placing an order, you are also agreeing to honor the terms of the sale, issuing full and timely payment for the item and all associated fees (e.g., shipping, insurance).

Due to the increased risk of internet fraud and stolen credit cards, we reserve the right to deny third-party shipments, payments from unconfirmed and/or unverified credit cards, buyers under age 18, high-value shipments, and/or shipments outside the United States.  Buyers who pay by checks that bounce will be charged a $25 processing fee.