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Signed Levi Levay Intaglio Art Glass Witch Ball - Fenton Favrene Cullet

New SOLD! Signed Levi Levay Intaglio Art Glass Witch Ball - Fenton Favrene Cullet

Beautiful signed art glass witch ball by Gary Levi of the Levay Intaglio Art Glass Studio, mouth blown and then finished with what I believe to be Fenton Favrene cullet for the iridescent spot finish.  Wonderful to add a decorative touch to a centerpiece bowl, suspend it with a sturdy hook or thin cord, or even use it as a miniature oil lamp. (The opening is 2mm wide.)

Signed with the stylized Levay logo toward the top, over to one side, this orb measures approx. 3 inches in diameter. In wonderful condition, with no damage noted.

If you're one to want to take advantage of combined shipping, you'll find other wonderful art glass creation from the late Gary Levi, purchased from his estate auction, below.

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