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Paper Towel, Wax Paper, Aluminum Foil Wall-Mounted Metal 3-Way Dispenser

SOLD! Paper Towel, Wax Paper, Aluminum Foil Wall-Mounted Metal 3-Way Dispenser

Perfect for those with a vintage kitchen and counter or drawer space you're wanting to clear, offered here is a wall-mounted metal dispenser for paper towels, wax paper, and aluminum foil, each flap edge providing the serrated edge for the quick needed tear.  Outer dimensions are 12-1/4" wide and 11-1/4" high, with a depth of approx. 4-1/2" at the bottom compartment (not deep enough to accommodate the super-size paper towel rolls).  The back panel has two wall hanging cutouts along the top for easy hanging.  

With silver-colored flaps and the rest of the dispenser body painted a creamy ivory white, I find no brand markings, only the embossed Aluminum Foil, Wax Paper, Paper Towels flap markings.  The front and sides are in very good condition, commensurate for its 1950s, 1960s age, with a bit of corrosion along the top and back, as shown.

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  • Brand: Unknown
  • Product Code: 03030
  • Availability: SOLD!
  • $38.00
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Tags: 1950s, 1960s