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Antique Coiffe Borgfeldt Coronet Limoges Cake Plate - Pink Wild Roses

Beautiful antique Coiffe Borgfeldt Coronet Limoges cake plate decorated with a ring of delicate hand-painted pink wild roses and a small bouquet of matching flowers at the center. This porcelain cake plate is then trimmed with brushed gold on an embossed scroll border decoration. Plate measures approx. 10-3/4 inch in diameter, across the cutout handles and 10 inch wide measuring side to side. In very good condition, with a small nick on the underside edge, not detected when ..


Limoges Rococo Plates with Roses - Demartine Cie

Offering a spectacular pair of Limoges porcelain cabinet plates from G. Demartine & Cie, circa 1900. Delicate roses in yellow and pink serve as music to the eyes as they dance edge to edge within a most unusual scalloped rim. The deeply scalloped rococo rims are decorated with a sculpted leaf and scroll design, connected by vine-like tendrils that gracefully join in. A sponged gilt trim adds the finishing touch to a luscious soft peach border.Measuring 8 inches to 8-7/8 i..


Pair Delinieres Limoges Blue Roses Gilded Rococo Cabinet Plates

Beautiful pair of porcelain Limoges cabinet plates by Delinieres & Co. dating from the mid-1890s to 1900, with a deeply scalloped Rococo rim molded with what looks to be scrolls and acanthus leaves, hand decorated with heavy gold accenting trim. Sprinkled across the center of the plate are a few delicate and delightful sprays of wild blue roses. Measuring 8-3/8 inches in diameter, each plate is in excellent condition, with no nicks, chips, or cracks, and only slight gold..


Pair of c 1900 Tressemann Vogt Limoges Fish in Net Cabinet Plate

A fabulous pair of Limoges cabinet plates by Tressemann & Vogt (also frequently referenced as Tressemanes & Vogt), each depicting a pair of fish in a net. Wonderful display plates, these have a creamy ivory backdrop for slightly different hand-decorated images of two fish swimming beyond a golden fishnet, with underwater foliage and seaweed enhancing the view. The plate rims and fish are gilt trimmed, with each plate draped with a gold net. Not quite round yet not qu..


Antique C Ahrenfeldt Limoges Porcelain Demitasse Cup and Saucer Set

Antique Charles Ahrenfeldt Limoges porcelain demitasse cup and saucer set featuring pink roses and an array of colorful wild flowers around the outer rim, with ribbons of green and a touch of gold gilt to add a final accent touch. Dating somewhere after 1894 and to the 1930s, both the cup and saucer are marked with the green Charles Ahrenfeldt overglaze mark (Mark 7), with the saucer marked again with the green CA monogram above France, Depose (Mark 6).The cup measures 1-7/8 ..