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Large 10" Amico Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister Cat Figurine

SOLD! Large 10" Amico Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister Cat Figurine

Introducing Amico, a large vintage Goebel Rosina Wachtmeister cat figurine who sits resting with front paws outstretched and a curious, alert tilt to the head. Amico's black and gold striped tail is curled at the side of his blue and black body. This porcelain figurine measures 10 inch long and 6-3/4 inch high.

In excellent condition, with no nicks, chips or cracks, Amico would make for a delightful addition for any collector of cat figurines.

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  • Brand: Goebel
  • Product Code: 03056
  • Availability: SOLD!
  • $60.00
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