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Mid Century Round Collapsible Patio Tables Folding TV Trays - Set of 4

SOLD! Mid Century Round Collapsible Patio Tables Folding TV Trays - Set of 4

A set of four mid century round collapsible patio tables in white, pink and blue. The tables stand on three metal legs, two of which are anchored to the sides of a connecting metal plate and one running through the center. The round table top appears to be made of high-density fiberboard, with what appears to be a thin enamel coating, two in white, one each in light pink and blue.  For ease of storage, the underside of each table top has a small metal ring from which the tables could be hung from a stand or storage room wall.

Each table is in good vintage condition, measuring 15-5/8 inch in diameter and standing almost 21 inches tall. All but one of the leg end caps is missing, and there is some light markings, scratches and subtle blistering to the table tops.

These table trays could also be used as folding TV trays. (They were acquired through the same estate as other TV trays being offered.)

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  • Brand: Unknown
  • Product Code: 03210
  • Availability: SOLD!
  • $85.00
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