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Pair of Pink Fostoria Versailles High Sherbets

For the discriminating collector of sheer elegant depression era glass, offered here is a beautiful pair of pink Fostoria high sherbet stems (#5098) finished in the Versailles pattern. Measures 6 inch tall, with a rim diameter of 3-7/8 inch and a 6 ounce capacity, the cup is a delicate pink while the stem is crystal clear. Versailles was manufactured from 1928 to 1944. There are three tiny flea bites around one rim, while the other stem has two. As we've attempted to show in ..


Pair of Ruby Red Fenton Lincoln Inn Wine Glass Glasses

Offering a lovely pair of ruby red wine glasses in the Lincoln Inn pattern by Fenton Art Glass, dating from the late 1920s to circa 1940, a time that predated the marking of Fenton wares. Each footed wine glass stands approx. 5-7/8 inches with a flared rim diameter of 3-5/8 inches and a 6-ounce capacity. (As these glasses were all hand finished, there's an ever-so-slight variation in height and rim flare.) These glasses are similar in size to the water goblets, which stand ap..


Set of 12 Signed Hawkes Crystal Munster Stemmed Cordial Sherry Wine Liqueur Glasses

Set of 12 signed Hawkes cut crystal stems, I believe this stemware is the sherry wine glass in the Munster pattern, on Stem #4074, a size perfect for cordial / liqueur. A band of three offset rows of strawberry diamonds wraps around the upper half of the bowl's flared rim, while a single row of oval thumbprints floats near the bowl base, above the elegant knob stem. Stem stands approx. 4 inch high (with slight variance in height, stem to stem) on a smooth round base; rim diam..


Set of 6 Tall 1970s Vintage Budweiser Bowtie Pilsner King of Beer Glasses

Offering a vintage set of 6 tall fluted Budweiser bowtie pilsner King of Beer glasses with the red and white Budweiser King Of Beer bowtie logo, dating to the 1970s. These measure approx. 8-5/8 inch high, with a 2-7/8 inch rim and a flared faceted foot. All are in excellent condition, with the logo appearing intact, and no nicks, chips, or cracks in the glass...