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Antique HTF Royal Bayreuth Christmas Cactus Tapestry Vase

Shown on page 92 of McCaslin's "Royal Bayreuth - A Collectors Guide," this gorgeous vase (#1039) is the Royal Bayreuth Christmas Cactus Tapestry vase or toothbrush holder, produced 1902-1945. Delicate white and pink blooms of a Christmas cactus grace the body of this vase in spiral form and splendid fashion.Measures approx. 4-1/2" high, and in excellent condition. This blue two-lion, two-shield "Royal Bayreuth" mark was first used in 1902. McCaslin's 1998 value guide lis..


Antique Schonwald Bavarian Porcelain Open Oval Trinket Dish

This open oval trinket dish is a sweet gem, perfect for adding a soft, feminine touch to almost any room. The powdery blue pierced rim delicately frames a hand-painted floral tuft that sweeps, equally soft and sweet, across the dish floor.Measuring 7" long and 5" wide, this gorgeous piece is large enough to capture attention, small enough to accent almost any space.Dating to the early 1900s, this is Rontgen mark #2025, used by Porcelain Factory Schonwald of Arzberg, B..


Pink Victorian Art Glass Bud Vase with Diamond Lobed Base

Here's a sweet little Victorian-era bud vase that offers lots of visual appeal through its unusual mix in form. In a rich pink or delicate cranberry cased in clear, this art glass bud vase has a four-lobed diamond quilt base topped by a squared cylindrical neck in a swirled rib pattern and finished with two clear applied handles.Standing 5" high and 2-3/4" wide, this unsigned vase was found with a small square cutting of woven tape marked with the handwritten year 1903, ..


Shawnee Hand Vases Pair in Light Blue

I discovered this wonderful pair of Shawnee hand-shaped pottery vases carefully wrapped and tucked away in the bottom of a box, a place I speculate they called home for a number of decades. Each hand vase is in excellent condition, with a couple of glaze pops near the base, typical of thick-glaze pottery, but appearing to have been unused, as suggested by the exposed pottery at the underside rim.Measuring 7" high, each flared trumpet-shaped flower vase is approx. 3-1/4" in di..


Tall Pumpkin Orange McCoy Corinthian Garden Vase

From the Corinthian Garden Line, this eye-catching McCoy vase was manufactured for a brief run in 1969. The glaze color is lovely and rich, looking as though the vase was dipped in creamy pumpkin pie filling, with a pinch or two of coarse ground cinnamon.Measuring 10-3/4" high with a base diameter of approx. 4" and a rim diameter of 2-1/2", this matte-finish vase is marked simply "2005 USA" but is shown in "McCoy Pottery, Volume II" by Hanson, Nissen, and Hanson at page 1..


1950s NIP Vintage Fine Muslin Pastel Stripe Pepperell Fitted Twin Sheet

For the individual with a small guest room that's needing a vintage touch, a 1950s fine muslin Pepperell fitted bottom sheet for a twin bed, in yellow, blue, pink and green pastel stripes.  This fitted sheet is still in and has never been removed from its original packaging. (About 1/3 of the side seam is open/unsealed.)The 1957 marketing insert states: ******Use-Tested by McCall'sIn McCall's test rooms our homemaking specialists have tested Pepperell slip-on sheets for ..


1960s Scranton Lace Cotton Chalet Full Posterbed Bed Spread

Fresh from the early 1960s, a fabulous, new old stock, never used, Scranton lace 100% cotton bedspread cover, a perfect finishing touch for a full size bed. The labeling states:Full bedspreadPoster BedChalet - 870797 in x 112 in.White1 BedspreadFab Trol Finish100% CottonMeasuring the bed cover from side to side / top edge to top edge, this measures 54" wide, with each drop measuring 21-1/2" long, for a total lace fabric width of 97". When I opened the box, this was folded nic..


1960s Vintage Flat Full Percale Sheet - Yellow Roses with White Lace Trim

1960s vintage no iron, flat full size percale sheet in a ribbon pattern of dainty yellow roses, the sheet edge trimmed in white floral lace.  This JC Penney vintage sheet is NIP — still in its original, unopened packaging.  Sheet is made of 50% polyester, 50% cotton, and has a finished size of 81 inches x 96 inches.  Coding on packaging care instructions appears to date to 1967...


Limited Edition Lenox Ivory China 1995 Forever Roses Mother's Day Vase - MIB

Any table or display will be as fresh as a full-bloom rose with this Lenox ivory china Forever Roses Mother's Day vase, which was a 1995 limited edition release. Still in its original packaging with the certificate, this round embossed vase stands approx. 5-1/4" high and is approx. 5-1/2" wide. Underside of vase is marked Forever Roses ~ Fine Ivory China ~ Lenox ~ Limited Edition © Lenox ~ Made in U.S.A. ~ 1995.    ..


Pair of 1960s Vintage Dan River Fine Muslin Pillowcase in Pastel Starburst - NIP

For the individual who loves Dan River bedding, a fabulous pair of 1960s vintage fine muslin pillowcases, NIP, each pillowcase stitched with green, yellow, pink and blue pastel starbursts.  Still in its original, unopened packaging, each pillow case measures 42 inches long and 36 inches wide. The package back provides interesting information, with the tagline of The Fabric of American Life, going on to state that Dan River sheets and pillow cases are famous for extr..


Pair of Vintage Fine Muslin Pastel Stripe Pepperell Pillowcase - NIP

A pair of 1950s vintage fine muslin Pepperell pillowcases in yellow, blue, pink and green pastel stripes.  Still in its original, unopened packaging, each pillow case measures 42 inches long and 36 inches wide. For additional Pepperell guest room bedding, you'll find matching twin bed bottom sheets in the Related Products section, below...


Unused 1950s All Wool Peach Bloom Whisper St Marys Blanket in Box - NOS

Keep yourself warm and enjoy years of luxurious comfort with this unused 1950s all virgin wool St Marys blanket, with labels intact and still in the box.  Made by St. Marys Blankets, of St. Marys, Ohio, their tag line was "Always a Pleasant Goodnight." The box indicates the style is Whisper and the color is Peach Bloom, a color that is ever-so-slightly deeper, richer in color than shown by the camera.  Size is shown as 72 inches wide by 90 inches long, both on the b..


Vintage 1950s Fine Muslin Pastel Stripe Pepperell Fitted Twin Sheet

A 1950s vintage fine muslin Pepperell fitted bottom sheet for a twin bed, in yellow, blue, pink and green pastel stripes.  Still in its original package but one end is fully open, so those folds have the slightest bit of tinge to the coloring, something I speculate should wash out.Features listed on the 1957 marketing insert are: won't shrink, slip-on style, strong corners, fine quality.  For additional Pepperell guest room bedding, you'll find another twin bed bott..