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Cordey Sir Walter Raleigh Bust Figurine #5034

This dashing young male head/bust figurine is a wonderful example of porcelain art from the Cordey China Co., the earlier studio of Boleslaw Cybis, founded in the early 1940s. Research indicates that this bust form (#5034) is a Cordey "Raleigh," which I believe to be explorer and poet Sir Walter Raleigh.This young gentleman bust sits atop a short creamy white pedestal decorated by a gilt trim, with a lone pink flower at his waist. Measures 7" high. In very good condit..


Pair of 1960s Lefton Old Couple Bisque Wall Plaques

Lefton odd couple wall plaques with warm facial features and gentle eyes, dating to the late 1960s. (I am told these wall plaques appear in a 1969 Lefton catalog as the Old Couple.)Both the man and woman have strong, pronounced features, with rosy cheeks. He wears a short, floppy rimmed hat with a feather tucked into one side, while she wears a lavender-colored scarf, tied under her chin.Each plaque is hand-painted bisque, measuring approx. 5-1/2" long and 4" to ..


Pair of Lenox Floral Frog Candlesticks

A wonderful pair of Lenox candlesticks featuring charming frogs as they sit stoically on a rippling lily pad that forms the base of the sculpted candlestick. Created for the Frog Home Decor Collection, these discontinued candle holders are crafted of the fine ivory china for which Lenox is so well known, then hand decorated in soft colors and finally accented in 24 karat gold. Each holder stands 6-1/2" high, with base dimensions of 4-1/4" deep and 3-1/2" wide. In excellent..


Royal Copley Dog at Mailbox Planter - Original Label

Doesn't this cute little feller just make you want to take him home?? I can't decide if this brown spotted dog is patiently waiting for the mailman or his human companions to arrive, but whichever, this Royal Copley piece is simply precious.This planter measures approx. 8" high at the ear, 8-1/2" long (mailbox to tail), and 4" wide. In excellent condition, with the original label still affixed to the mailbox side. No nicks, chips, or cracks, and crazing commensurate ..


Royal Doulton AUTUMN BREEZES Lady Figurine HN 1934

Offering another beautiful Royal Doulton figurine, with this lovely lady known as Autumn Breezes (HN1934) and representing Style One, first issued in 1940. She is dressed in a red flowing gown with a pink bodice, covered by a red jacket trimmed in light green. A matching wide-brimmed hat or bonnet is tied in place with a deep blue ribbon tucked under her chin and a white muff in her right hand, dangling to the side of her billowing dress skirt.Modeled by Leslie Harrad..


Royal Doulton Captain Henry Morgan Miniature Toby Jug D6510

Offering another wonderful miniature Royal Doulton Toby Jug, with this character depicting Captain Henry Morgan, a British buccaneer who lived in the mid-1600s. Measuring 2-1/2" high and bearing a copyright 1957 mark, this character jug was first released in miniature form in 1959. Design D.6510. In excellent condition, with no nicks, chips, cracks, or crazing noted. ..


Royal Doulton JANET Figurine M-69 - Small Hard to Find Model

For the discriminating Royal Doulton collector who delights in the search and indulges in the hard to find, offered for your consideration is Janet (M69), a sweet figure designed by Arthur "Leslie" Harradine and issued from 1936 to 1949. According to Wikipedia, Harradine was one of Royal Doulton's premier and most prolific figurine modelers from 1920 until the mid-1950s, with some of the most treasured figurines attributed to his gifted talent. Janet has been modeled und..


Royal Doulton Tinkle Bell Figurine HN1677

A sweet Royal Doulton figurine, small in size but huge in charm, meet Tinkle Bell.  Designed by Arthur "Leslie" Harradine and issued from 1935 to 1988, Harradine was one of Royal Doulton's premier and most prolific figurine modelers from 1920 until the mid-1950s. Wearing a pink dress trimmed in blue, Tinkle Bell carries an open basket under her right arm, with a bouquet of red flowers in her left hand.  She stands approx. 4-1/2" high, and is in excellent con..


Royal Dux Figurine of Young Turk with Water Jug

A fabulous standing figurine by Royal Dux of Bohemia featuring a young Turk at the edge of a rocky mound, his large Turkish water jug ready for the rush, when the boy bends to scoop up fresh water. With a rich cream underglaze, this figure is finished in colors of olive brown (garments), tan and light orange (hair and facial features), with gilt details in the hand-painted trim and delicately sponged gold. Standing approx. 12-1/2" high with a base diameter of 4-1/8", ..


Shawnee Hand Vases Pair in Light Blue

I discovered this wonderful pair of Shawnee hand-shaped pottery vases carefully wrapped and tucked away in the bottom of a box, a place I speculate they called home for a number of decades. Each hand vase is in excellent condition, with a couple of glaze pops near the base, typical of thick-glaze pottery, but appearing to have been unused, as suggested by the exposed pottery at the underside rim.Measuring 7" high, each flared trumpet-shaped flower vase is approx. 3-1/4" in di..


Voigt Sitzendorf Porcelain Figural Group - Courting Couple

Offering a fabulous porcelain figural group from the Sitzendorf Porcelain Manufactory featuring a young courting couple sitting at the base of a tree stump and atop a rococo pedestal, both subjects dressed in 18th century costume. The man wears a tricorne hat, with hands gently extended, as if to touch the basket of two small birds perched on the young lady's hip. To her other side and at her feet sits her little, ever-loving, loyal dog. The design of this figurine su..


White Miniature Pottery Pig Figurine - Quality Detail

This precious pottery pig demonstrates all of the quality of Hagen Renaker and other noted makers of miniature figurines from decades past, yet I find no marks or any other sibling pieces in my search to give hint of its lineage. From what I understand through the original owner, this pig figure has got quite a few years on her, seeming to date to or around the 1970s. Glazed in white with eye features hand-painted in black. Measures 3-5/8" long and 1-7/8" high. In excellen..


Lefton Elephant Figurine with Raised Trunk H6980 - 1950s Vintage

Vintage tan Lefton elephant figurine with raised trunk dating to the 1950s, this figurine is marked H6980. Measures approx. 5" long, trunk to tail, and 3-1/2" high. In excellent vintage condition, with no nicks, chips, or cracks noted. ..