Vintage Buttons

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7-Piece Lot of 33mm Round Vintage Wavy, Tiered Dome Plastic Buttons

In a tan color resembling light chocolate and having a decorative wavy ridge design, this 7-piece lot of vintage buttons are undeniably sweet!  (Chocolate caramel swirls, anyone?)Measuring 33mm in diameter (or just at 1-5/16") and having a dome height of 12mm (1/2"), these plastic shank buttons would provide a great finishing touch for a coat, jacket, or sweater.  ..


9-Piece Lot of Small 12mm Round Rhinestone Vintage Plastic Shank Buttons

9-piece lot of small 12mm round rhinestone vintage plastic shank buttons, with the body of the button in a color that resembles apple cider and a glistening 6mm center rhinestone.  Button height (excluding the shank) is 5mm. ..


Lot of 13 Vintage Buttons on Cards - Hearts, Bluebirds, Tulips

Add a delightful, colorful touch to any garment or decorative accessory with this wonderful lot of vintage buttons, all still on the card. Included are red hearts in two sizes (19mm and 9mm), with another pair of red on white heart buttons, measuring 11.5mm in size. Both of the cards to the smaller heart-shaped buttons indicate they were made in West Germany. Also included is a set of 3 red tulip La Mode buttons, made in Japan and guaranteed washable and dry cleanable. Fin..


Set of 11 Black Daisy Flower LeChic Buttons on Cards

Wonderful set of 11 black Le Chic buttons still on the card (unfortunately one button has gone missing), with these round buttons measuring 3/4" in diameter with a scoop cut face, each scoop one of eight petals on the flower design. Guaranteed washable, these size 30 Le Chic buttons are Made in U.S.A. ..


Unusual Pair of Large 36mm Black Licorice Coil Buttons

A most unusual pair of black buttons, 36 mm in diameter, crafted in a rising spiral design that brings me to think of coiled licorice, charred cinnamon rolls, or even... well... nothing all that palatable, but certainly visually intriguing. For someone into crafty creations, these would make for a fabulous pair of eyes on a crazed or hypnotized snowman or other stuffed critter.For the rest of us just looking for an unusual pair of buttons, these should definitely fit ..