Russian Lacquer

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Miniature Vintage Russian Lacquer Box Firebird - Lucy Maxym Collection

A super sweet, square miniature Russian lacquer box exquisitely decorated with a hand-painted image of a firebird, standing tall and stately with outspread wings and what appears to be a ring of fire halo around his head, or possibly a dark silhouette of the sun. The certiicate that accompanies the box states: "This article has been painted in Russia exclusively for The Lucy Maxym Collection. It is guaranteed to be Genuine Russian Lacquer," going on to list the artist as Doma..


Oval Russian Lacquer Box Magic Pony and Feather of a Firebird, Made in Russia Kholui Village

A lovely oval Russian lacquer papier-mâché box from the Russian village of Kholui, exquisitely decorated with a hand-painted image of Ivan and his loyal, magic pony as they came upon the bright glowing feather of the fabled firebird. Hand-painted by artist T. Gordienko, this box is most unusual in that the artist chose a deep mahogany brown background on which to portray this captivating fairy tale scene. (Serious collectors will likely recognize that this is indeed a hard-to..


Vintage Red Rectangular Russian Lacquer Box with Hand Painted Birds Made in Kholui Village of Russia

Another lovely Russian lacquer box from the village of Kholui, this lacquered box featuring a pair of dainty birds perched on a branch of blooming delicate flowers. The birds face each other, beak to beak, appearing as though the one bird may be feeding its mate.Box is constructed of papier mâché and measures approx. 2-3/4 inch long, 1-5/16 inch wide, and 7/8 inch high, with both the exterior and interior finished in a matching rich red color. This box is in beautiful conditi..