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For those who prefer their collectibles by air, land, or sea, here is where you'll find vintage aviation, railroadiana, and nautical treasures.
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Jeppesen Vintage 3-Way Slide Graphic Flight Computer Model CSG-2P

Used for flight navigation, this aviation collectible is a Jeppesen vintage 3-way slide graphic flight computer Model CSG-2P, with pouch / case. The top wheel turns to provide computations for density altitude and crosswind component, and to obtain TAS. The slide graph lists directions to use calibrated airspeed and pressure altitude to obtain F factor then multiple F Factor by TAX obtained with computer to obtain TAX corrected for compressibility.  Designed by Jeppesen ..


Vintage 1989 Jeppesen Slide Graphic Flight Computer with Manual & Case

Vintage 1989 metal Jeppesen Slide Graphic flight computer with manual and case. I don't find a model number on this (just 'Jeppesen Sanderson Inc. 1989' 'Made in Korea' on the front wheel), but the bottom left corner of the inner page to the 1987 manual shows JS314305D. Used but in very good condition.Used for flight navigation; great aviation collectible!For collectors, be sure to also check out the Jeppesen 3-way slide graphic flight computer (Model CSG-2P) I have availa..


1998 Hallmark Keepsake Anniversary Tin Locomotive

Offered here is the 1998 Tin Locomotive ornament, commemorating not only the Tin Locomotive series, but also the 25 year anniversary since Hallmark introduced its Keepsake Ornaments in 1973. Measures 4" long and 3" high, with moving wheels and strong, crisp coloring. This ornament is in its original packaging, with the price tag still attached. Gift inscription on the inner flap of the lid, as well as the year (1998) marked on the back of the box...