Czech / Bohemian

For your MCM home bar decor, here's where you'll find a wonderful selection of mid-century modern Harrach Czech / Harrochov Czechoslavakia Bohemian art glass stemware in the Harrtil fishnet design, the netting displaying a lattice effect quite similar to Venetian merletto glass. The Harrtil line dates to the mid 1950s into the early 1960s.

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Harrachov Bohemian Czech Harrtil Merletto Martini Glass 1950s MCM

Vintage Harrach Czech Bohemian glass Merletto martini glass, with original label, from the Harrtil line, designed by Milan Metelák and made by the Harrachov glass factory in/around the 1950s. With thin white merletto threads woven in a lattice pattern, the delicate fibers are then encased in glass. This martini glass has a six-sided stem and stand approx. 6 inch high and have a rim diameter of 4 inch. Liquid capacity is a comfortable 6 ounces.  The gold and white ..