The Art Of Minding My Own Business

Posted by Holly 06/11/2011 0 Comment(s)

I’ve managed to do it again. A day that started with good intentions of getting a number of things accomplished is fast transitioning to an evening of scratching my head, wondering just where the time actually went. I did get a few things photographed and a bit of research started, but as for shop listings… well, I don’t yet have anything to show for my efforts. Thankfully, there is still time left in the day and coffee left in the pot. Now, if I could just find my focus.


Yes, somewhere along the way today, I (again) became slightly distracted, checking out the flood of friends’ Facebook posts of their own and others’ shop additions, with a peek at the upcoming local auctions to make sure I don’t miss any treasures.


One of these days, I’ll get it right, start to finish, and actually perfect the art of minding my own business… 

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