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Beautiful Set of 10 Vintage Plastic White Lace Placemats - See to Believe

SOLD! Beautiful Set of 10 Vintage Plastic White Lace Placemats - See to Believe
Finish your table in elegance with this beautiful set of 10 lace placemats, and look closely — they're plastic, so with this set you can do it without breaking the bank.

At first (and second) glance I thought these place mats were cotton or linen lace; the store they were apparently purchased from carried linens from Brussels and Belgium (they'd have to be top quality, right?) (see photo). But then I started reading the "Proper Use" insert. The first sentence caught me by surprise and forced me to take a second look. Yes, while these "beautiful place mats are plastic," that's an understatement that does them a disservice — they are almost unbelievable!

Measuring approx. 12 inch x 19 inch with scalloped edges, they all appear to be in fabulous shape. I find no tears, and while there were a couple of spots to suggest they'd been used and put away, I gave them all a gentle soapy water washing, and they now look (and smell) all ready for any table.

PLEASE NOTE: While the photos show them in their original box, as I found them, the reality is that given its size and weight, to ship these placemats in that box will add a few dollars to the shipping cost. If you'd like the original box / packaging, please message me through the contact page before placing your order; I'll adjust the shipping weight and you'll then be good to go. Otherwise, in placing an order you are doing so with the understanding that you'll be receiving the 10 placements and care instructions, with no original box, with the 1971 Greenwald's packing slip, in a padded mailing envelope.

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