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Antique Victorian Cast Iron Corner Parlor Stove Shelf Ornate Eastlake Style

SOLD! Antique Victorian Cast Iron Corner Parlor Stove Shelf Ornate Eastlake Style

A gorgeous, ornate Victorian cast iron corner shelf in an Eastlake and aesthetic movement style, made to look like ebonized wood, and likely dating to the 1880s.  While most of these corner shelves are made of wood, the iron construction of this one suggests its original intended use was as a hearth or parlor stove shelf, built to to withstand heat.

Measuring 13-1/2 inch long and approx. 5-1/2 deep (the straight side walls are 5 inch deep), this metal corner shelf is truly captivating with its curves and ornate carved flowers and scrolls. In solid condition, the only thing to note is the outer segment of the connecting side tab has broken away, with the prior (original?) owner securely wiring the shelf to the outer wall to re-establish a sturdy shelf and resting place.  Whether yours is a home of Victorian Eastlake style or even if you prefer a Goth look or the more modern steampunk iron decor, this is one piece worthy of much admiration.

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  • Brand: Unknown
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  • $131.75
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