Akro Agate Blue Yellow Popeye Corkscrew Marble

Akro Agate Blue Yellow Popeye Corkscrew Marble

Akro Popeye corkscrew marble in a blue, yellow, and white corkscrew banding, with the blue being wider and more prominent, the yellow closely hugging one edge of the blue, and a feathering white filling in much of the remaining space amidst a transparent wraparound band.

Size: 19 mm in diameter (3/4 inches)

Condition: Good; there are a number of tiny surface nicks around this one (as well as the common bubbles within the glass), but none are a glaring detraction.

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  • Brand: Akro Agate
  • Product Code: 02536
  • Availability: 1
  • $19.00
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