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Unused 3-Panel Vintage 10-Dime Money Christmas Train Coin Holiday Card

SOLD! Unused 3-Panel Vintage 10-Dime Money Christmas Train Coin Holiday Card
Just way too cool (and super colorful!) this vintage 1950s Gibson holiday Christmas coin holder greeting card takes on the form of a Christmas Circus Train, with the card folding out into three panels to reveal a variety of circus animals - giraffe, seal, elephant, and tiger. The circus animals are hanging out of the train windows and joined by two circus clowns, all decorated with glistening mica to provide a wonderful finishing touch. As a child, it was always fun to receive a greeting card that would hold coins, and this card is designed with 10 slots to hold ten dimes.

Measuring 6-3/4" high and 5-1/4" wide, the card opens to a full extended length of 15-3/4". The cover of the card reads "A Christmas Circus Train With Dimes For You" and the center panel offers the following verse:

Look at all the shiny dimes
This train is bringing you -
Sure hope you'll have a circus
Christmas Day and all year through!

The back of this card is marked Gibson 25X3413 / 6D.

Accompanied by the original envelope, this card is in great unused condition, no writing, no rips or tears; only some glue aging / discoloration on the envelope seams.

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