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1960s Scranton Lace Cotton Chalet Full Posterbed Bed Spread

SOLD! 1960s Scranton Lace Cotton Chalet Full Posterbed Bed Spread

Fresh from the early 1960s, a fabulous, new old stock, never used, Scranton lace 100% cotton bedspread cover, a perfect finishing touch for a full size bed. The labeling states:

Full bedspread
Poster Bed
Chalet - 8707
97 in x 112 in.
1 Bedspread
Fab Trol Finish
100% Cotton

Measuring the bed cover from side to side / top edge to top edge, this measures 54" wide, with each drop measuring 21-1/2" long, for a total lace fabric width of 97".

When I opened the box, this was folded nice, neat, and compact, leaving me almost 100% certain this has never been out of the box or used. I removed it from the box to& measure it (and to confirm the referenced curtains weren't included as well). An inspection revealed no signs of use and no damage or discoloration.

The Scranton partial address on the paper insert (Note the pre-zip code Scranton 9, Pa.) and the F-62 on the box end labeling is strong indication this dates to 1962.

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  • $95.00
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