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1960s Marsh Allan Coffee Time Metal TV Snack Tray Tables - Vintage Set

SOLD! 1960s Marsh Allan Coffee Time Metal TV Snack Tray Tables - Vintage Set

Straight out of the 1960s, a fabulous king/jumbo size set of Marsh Allan Coffee Time metal TV snack tray tables, still with the original box.  Tray tops are decorated with various sizes and styles of coffee cups in different colors, along with common phrases of coffee preferences - Make Mine Light, Perk Up, Half and Half, Just Half a Cup, Black For Me, Come 'n Get It, Have Another Cup and I'm Dieting. For the individual who loves their coffee and the olive green, bright orange, persimmon red and black colors of the era, this set adds a fabulous and fun vintage touch.

While this started as a complete set of four, it appears one set of tray legs has since walked away ; there are four tray tops but only three tray stands.  Each tray attaches to the collapsible base with two plastic clips on each of the long sides and rests on a metal tube stand. Inside the box was a bag containing the plastic floor protectors, seeming to confirm my suspicion that the other three trays have not really seen any use.  (Please note, however, that a couple of the plastic floor protectors were crushed / crumbled in the bag.)

The three complete trays are in very good condition with only a couple of minor scratches noted. Large, close-up images of each of the tray tops / fronts are provided, so please be sure to click on the "Zoom" to assess them yourself in better detail.

Trays measure 21-3/4 inch long and 15-3/4 inch wide and stand approx. 2 feet high when in use.

Originally shipped to / sold through Montgomery Ward.  The side of the box is marked Debbie Sue & Bev, a name which does not come up in any search results, but may be the designer(s).

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  • Brand: Marsh Allan
  • Product Code: 03213
  • Availability: SOLD!
  • $88.00
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