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NIP Vintage Fine Muslin Pastel Stripe Pepperell Fitted Twin Sheet

SOLD! NIP Vintage Fine Muslin Pastel Stripe Pepperell Fitted Twin Sheet

For the individual with a small guest room that's needing a vintage touch, a 1950s fine muslin Pepperell fitted bottom sheet for a twin bed, in yellow, blue, pink and green pastel stripes.  This fitted sheet is still in and has never been removed from its original packaging. (About 1/3 of the side seam is open/unsealed.)

The 1957 marketing insert states:


Use-Tested by McCall's

In McCall's test rooms our homemaking specialists have tested Pepperell slip-on sheets for the qualities you will find important when you use them in your own home.

Features we especially like:

Won't Shrink - permanent fitting.

Slip-On Style - easy to make bed without lifting mattress. Sheets stay put.

Strong Corners - stitched to last.

Fine Quality - serviceable and long wearing. Exceed standards.

Printed in U.S.A. 3-12-57


For additional Pepperell guest room bedding, you'll find another twin bed bottom sheet and matching pillowcases (shown in the last photo) in the Related Products section, below.

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  • Brand: Pepperell
  • Product Code: 03021
  • Availability: SOLD!
  • $18.00
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